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Academic Articles & References

Last Update: 26/07/10
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Below, a list of academic references pertaining to Greek broadcasting and media has been compiled. 
This list will be continuously expanded and updated.

  • Karapostolis, V., Demertzis, N., Papadimitriou, D. & Armenakis, A. (2001).   Apodimoi Ellines: Politismiki tautotita & omogeniaka mesa enimerosis.  Athens: Ypourgeio Typou.
  • Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007).  Survey on Hellenism.  Retrieved from http://el.sae.gr/?id=17491&type=file.
  • Hellenic Ministry of the Interior & General Secreteriat of Communication and Information (2007).  Survey on the competitiveness, visibility and circulation of regional mass media.  Retrieved from http://www.minpress.gr/minpress/index/currevents/draseis_perifereia_mme_ereuna.htm
  • Panagiotopoulou, R. (2009).  Kanali Apo To Topo Sou.
  • Sims, J. (2007).  “Globalization and the privatization of radio in Greece: Influences, issues and consequences,” in Negotiating Democracy: Media Transformations in Emerging Democracies (pp. 239-258).  I. A. Blankson & P. D. Murphy (Eds.)  New York: SUNY Press (2007).
  • Sims, J. (2003). “Politicians & Media Owners in Greek Radio: Pluralism as Diaploki,” Journal of Radio Studies, 10 (2) (Winter 2003), pp. 202-215.  Click here to read.
  • Zaharopoulos, T. “Greece,” in The Encyclopedia of Radio (2), (pp. 1026-679). Christopher Sterling (ed.). New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2004.

  • Zaharopoulos, T. "Power, Freedom, and Broadcasting in Greece," in Modern Greek Studies Yearbook, Vol. 7 (pp. 69-86). Theofanis Stavrou (ed.). Minneapolis, MN: University
    of Minnesota, 1991.

  • Zaharopoulos, T. “The Rise and Fall of Municipal Radio in Greece,” Journal of Radio Studies, 10 (2) (Winter 2003), pp. 231-245.

  • Zaharopoulos, T. “The Evolution of Public Service Radio Broadcasting in Greece: From Authoritarianism to Anarchy and Irrelevance,” Global Media Journal (on-line journal)
    (Fall 2002), 1.
  • Zaharopoulos, T. & Paraschos, M. (1993). Mass Media in Greece: Power, Politics, and Privatization. Westport, Conn.: Praeger.

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