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Links to Media-Related Websites

Last Update: 26/07/10
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A listing of other websites with information about media and broadcasting in Greece and Cyprus.  This list will continuously be updated and expanded.

Categories: - Academic institutions
- Automation software
- Government bodies
- Hobbyists & DXing
- Industry organizations
- Media directories
- Media news (blogs)
- Media news (indep.)
- Music publications
- News agencies
- Newspapers
- Radio publications
- Ratings and Polling
- Search engines

Website Description URL
Academic Institutions, Think Tanks & Trade Schools
Aristotle University Department of Journalism & Mass Communication http://www.jour.auth.gr
Panteion University Department of Communication, Media & Culture


University of Athens Department of Communication and Media Studies http://www.media.uoa.gr
University of the Aegean Department of Cultural Technology and Communication http://www.aegean.gr/culturaltec/en/
Institute of Audiovisual Media (IOM) Academic think tank http://www.iom.gr
IEK Akmi Trade school - Department of Media Studies http://www.iek-akmi.gr/iek_akmi/
IEK Domi Trade school - Cimena & TV and Media & Comunications departments http://www.iekdomi.edu.gr
Spoudes MME Antenna Trade school - Antenna Group


Website Description URL
Greek Automation and Streaming Software
Hot Radio Radio automation software http://www.hotradio.gr
Jazler Radio automation software http://www.jazler.com
Kenix Media Manager Radio & TV automation software http://www.kenix.gr/MediaManager/
Omega Productions Radio jingles and sweepers http://www.omegaproductions.com
One Streaming Streaming software http://www.onestreaming.com
Website Description URL
Government Bodies and Public Broadcasting
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) Cypriot public radio and television http://www.cybc.com.cy
Cyprus Press & Information Office Cypriot policy-making and information bureau http://www.pio.gov.cy
Cyprus Radio Television Authority Cypriot government enforcement and licensing body http://www.crta.org.cy
DTV.org.cy Cypriot government information about the conversion to digital broadcasting http://www.dtv.org.cy
Elliniki Radiofonia Information about Greek public radio (ERT) http://www.ellinikiradiofonia.gr
ERT Greek public radio and television http://www.ert.gr
General Secreteriat of Communication & Information Greek government policy-making body http://www.minpress.gr
Hellas Sat Greek communications satellite http://www.hellasat.com.gr
Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission Greek government technical enforcement body http://www.eett.gr
Ministry of Communications & Works Cypriot government ministry http://www.mcw.gov.cy
Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Greek government ministry http://www.yme.gov.gr
National Radio-Television Council Greek government enforcement and licensing body http://www.esr.gr
Office of the Commissioner of Telecommunications and Postal Regulations Cypriot government technical enforcement body http://www.ocecpr.org.cy

Website Description URL
Hobbyists, DXing, Message Boards and Remote Tuners
261.gr Radio amateur & sound processing enthusiast http://www.261.gr
Global Tuners Remotely-controlled tuners from Greece and worldwide http://www.globaltuners.com
Greek TV Idents Archived side featuring the graphical presentation of Greek television stations http://www.greektvidents.com
Ham Association of Greece Greek radio amateurs http://www.hag.gr
Radio Amateurs Association of Greece Greek radio amateurs http://www.raag.org
Retromaniacs Website and message board dedicated to retro television and radio http://www.retromaniacs.gr
Satleo Forum Forum for television, radio, digital and satellite broadcasts and technology http://www.satleo.gr/forum
Sdtv.gr Greek television & radio enthusiasts site and forum http://www.sdtv.gr
SV6CZQ AM and shortwave DXing enthusiast http://users.hol.gr/~sv6czq/am.htm
Website of Zacharias Liangas Greek DXing enthusiast http://sites.google.com/site/zliangas

Website Description URL
Industry Organizations, Institutions and Unions
AEPI Greek copyright agency http://www.aepi.gr
EPEK Association of regional television stations of Greece http://www.epek.net
ESIEA Union of journalists http://www.esiea.gr
ETEKT-OT Union of cinema and television engineers http://www.etekt.gr
ETER Union of radio station broadcast engineers http://www.eter.gr
ETITA Union of engineers of Athenian television stations http://www.etita.gr
ETITBE Union of engineers of Northern Greece television stations http://www.etitbe.gr
PEIRAS National association of Greek radio station owners http://www.peiras.gr
POESY Greek editorial union http://www.poesy.gr
SEDEL National association of satellite/analog reception equipment retailers http://sedel.satnet.gr
SEE Citizens' television watchdog organization http://www.see.gr

Website Description URL
Media and Live Radio Directories
24radio.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.24radio.gr
Cyprus Radio Directory of live radio webcasts http://radio.thecyprusguide.net
Easyradio.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.easyradio.gr
E-Radio.com.cy Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.e-radio.com.cy
E-Radio.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, blog, streaming provider http://www.e-radio.gr
ERadioTV.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, blog, streaming provider http://www.eradiotv.gr
FM List Directory of FM radio frequencies http://www.fmlist.org
Greekradios.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.greekradios.gr
Greek TV Wiki with television frequencies in Greece http://www.editthis.info/greektv
Jayradio.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.jayradio.gr
Live24.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.live24.gr
Lyngsat Satellite frequency charts http://www.lyngsat.com
Medium Wave Directory of Greek radio stations broadcasting on AM http://medium-wave.blogspot.com
MME.gr Directory of TV & radio stations, publications and other media-related entities http://www.mme.gr
Onradio.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.onradio.gr
Publicity Guide Directory of radio & TV stations and media entities http://www.publicity-guide.gr
Radio.gr Directory of radio stations, news, forum http://www.radio.gr
Radiofono.gr Directory of radio stations and webcasts, news http://www.radiofono.gr
Radiofono.blogspot.com Directory of radio stations http://radiofono.blogspot.com
Radiomap.eu Directory of radio frequencies http://www.radiomap.eu/gr/
Radiotower.gr Directory of live radio webcasts, streaming provider http://www.radiotower.gr
Tileorasi.blogspot.com Directory of television frequencies http://tileorasi.blogspot.com
Website Description URL
Media News & Updates - Blogs & Columns
Click here for a listing of blogs and newspaper columns with Greek media news, from our "media news" page.

Website Description URL
Media News & Updates - Portals
Doriforika Nea Magazine with news about satellite and digital broadcasting http://www.doriforikanea.gr
E-Tetradio News and blogging about radio http://www.e-tetradio.gr
Greeksat.gr News about satellite and digital broadcasting http://www.greeksat.gr
Radio & TV Link Magazine with news about the broadcasting industry http://www.radio-link.gr
Radiofono.gr News about Greek radio http://www.radiofono.gr
Sat.gr News about satellite and digital broadcasting http://www.sat.gr
Satleo Media news, information about satellite broadcasts, forum http://www.satleo.gr

Website Description URL
Music-Related Magazines and Websites
Avopolis Greek music portal http://www.avopolis.gr
Classicalmusic.gr Greek classical music web portal http://www.classicalmusic.gr
Difono Music magazine http://www.difono.gr
Greek Music DB Greek music database http://www.greekmusicdb.com
GR Songs Greek music database http://www.grsongs.com
Ihos-Eikona Audiovisual technology magazine http://www.hxos.gr
Music Corner Greek music portal http://www.musiccorner.gr
Music Heaven Greek music portal http://www.musicheaven.gr
Music Net Music portal from Cyprus http://www.music.net.cy
Pop + Rock Music magazine http://www.poprock.gr
Rockandroll.gr Online music magazine http://www.rockandroll.gr
Stoixoi.info Greek song lyrics http://www.stoixoi.info
Subtitles.gr Greek subtitles http://www.subtitles.gr

Website Description URL
News Agencies
ANA-MPA Athenian & Macedonian News Agency http://www.ana-mpa.gr
Athens Photo News Athens photojournalism agency http://www.apn.gr
CYNA Cyprus News Agency http://www.cyna.org.cy

Website URL Front Pages
Newspapers and Online News Sources
Adesmeytos Typos http://www.adesmeytos.gr



More front pages and headlines can be found at:


Press archives can be found at:


Agelioforos http://www.agelioforos.gr
Alithia http://www.alitheiaportal.com
Alpha 1 http://www.alpha1.gr
ANT1 Online http://www.ant1online.gr
Apogevmatini http://www.apogevmatini.gr
Athens News http://www.athensnews.gr
Athlitika Nea http://www.athlitikanea.gr
Athlitiki Makedonias & Thrakis http://www.athlitiki.gr
Avgi http://www.avgi.gr
Avriani http://www.avriani.gr
Axia http://www.axiaplus.gr
Capital.gr http://www.capital.gr
Cebil http://www.cebil.gr
City Press http://www.citypress.gr
Contra.gr http://www.contra.gr
Cosmo.gr http://www.cosmo.gr
Cyprus Mail http://www.cyprus-mail.com
Cyprus Weekly http://www.cyprusweekly.com.cy
E-Go http://www.e-go.gr
Efimerida Makedonia http://www.makthes.gr
E-Kathimerini http://www.e-kathimerini.gr
Eleftheri Ora http://www.elora.gr
Eleftheros Typos http://www.e-typos.com
Eleftherotypia http://www.enet.gr
En Peiraiei http://www.enpeiraiei.gr
ERT News http://news.ert.gr
Espresso http://www.espressonews.gr
Ethnos http://www.ethnos.gr
Exedra http://www.exedrasports.gr
Express http://www.express.gr
Filathlos http://www.filathlos.gr
Gavros http://www.gavros.gr
Gazzetta.gr http://www.gazzetta.gr
Goal News http://www.sentragoal.gr
Google News Greece http://news.google.gr
Haravgi http://www.haravgi.com.cy
Hrimatistirio http://www.xrimatistirio.gr
I-Live http://www.i-live.gr
Imerissia http://www.imerissia.gr
In.gr News http://news.in.gr
I Hora http://www.tragasnet.gr
I Prasini http://www.prasini.gr
Isotimia http://www.isotimia.gr
Kathimerini http://www.kathimerini.gr
Kefalaio http://www.kefalaio.gr
Kerdos http://www.kerdos.gr
Mega Gegonota http://www.megatv.com/megagegonota/default.asp
Metro http://www.readmetro.com/editions.php?lang=en
Metro Sport http://www.metrosport.gr
Naftemporiki http://www.naftemporiki.gr
News 24|7 http://www.news247.gr
Newsbeast http://www.newsbeast.gr
Nooz.gr http://www.nooz.gr
Paraskevi kai 13 http://www.paraskevi13.com
Phileleftheros http://www.phileleftheros.com.cy
Politis http://www.politis-news.com
Press GR http://press-gr.blogspot.com
Prin http://www.prin.gr
Protalthitis http://www.championsday.gr
Proto Thema http://www.protothema.gr
Real News http://www.realnews.gr
Rizospastis http://www.rizospastis.gr
Skai http://www.skai.gr
Spor tou Vorra http://www.sportouvorra.gr
Sport.gr http://www.sport.gr
Sport 24 http://www.sport24.gr
Sport Day http://www.sday.gr
Sportime http://www.sportime.gr
Sportnet http://www.sportnet.gr
Sportnooz http://www.sportnooz.gr
Sto Karfi http://www.stokarfi.gr
Ta Nea http://www.tanea.gr
To Paron http://www.paron.gr
To Pontiki http://www.topontiki.gr
To Vima http://www.tovima.gr
Tromaktiko http://tro-mak-tiko.blogspot.com
Typos http://www.typos.com.cy
Zougla http://www.zougla.gr

Website Description URL
Radio & Broadcasting Publications
European FM Handbook Guide to FM broadcasting in Europe (2002-2003) http://www.efmh.info
World Radio Television Handbook Annual guide to broadcasting worldwide http://www.wrth.com

Website Description URL
Ratings, Audience Measurement, Research and Surveys
AGB Nielsen Greece Television audience ratings http://www.agb.gr
AGB Nielsen Cyprus Television audience ratings http://www.agbcyprus.com
Focus Radio audience ratings, polling http://www.focus.gr
General Secreteriat of Communication and Information Results of nationwide survey on regional media http://www.minpress.gr/minpress/index/
General Secreteriat of Communication and Information Research on media in Greece http://www.minpress.gr/minpress/index/
Media Inspector Greek radio & television airplay monitoring database http://www.mediainspector.gr

Website Description URL
Search Engines and Web Directories
Blogs.sync.gr Directory of Greek blogs http://blogs.sync.gr
Forthnet directory Greek search engine http://dir.forthnet.gr
Google Greece Search engine http://www.google.gr
In.gr Greek search engine and portal http://www.in.gr
Pathfinder.gr Greek search engine and portal http://www.pathfinder.gr
Phantis Greek web directory http://www.phantis.com
Robby.gr Greek search engine http://www.robby.gr
Sync.gr Greek social networking website http://www.sync.gr
Way.gr Greek search engine http://directory.way.gr

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