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Terrestrial Satellite Rebroadcasts

Last Update: 26/07/10
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In many cities and towns throughout the country, various foreign satellite television stations are rebroadcast for free terrestrially.  These rebroadcasts are primarily the responsibility of ERT, Greece's public broadcast company, but local municipalities and private television stations sometimes rebroadcast foreign stations as well.  The list below details the stations rebroadcast by ERT:




CNN International From the United Kingdom/United States - News and talk programs.. Athens and a few other cities
Euronews From France - News and features. Athens and a few other cities
RIK SAT From Cyprus - News, talk shows, serials, documentaries, cultural programming Athens and a few other cities
RAIDUE From Italy - News, talk shows, sports, serials, sitcoms. Some major cities
RAIUNO From Italy - News, talk shows, serials, sports Some major cities
TV5 Monde Europe From France/Canada - News, talk shows, films, documentaries, cultural programming Athens and most major cities
ZDF From Germany - News, talk, movies, serials Rodos

- In various cities and towns throughout Greece, local municipalities or commercial broadcasters often rebroadcast other foreign satellite stations not listed above.
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